An Everyday Key Guide to a Man's Autumn 2017 Lookbook

Are you confused about what to wear? Here is the exact guide you need. Highlighting on four aspects, namely, key clothes, materials, colors and trends, this is everything you need to get through the autumn of 2017.

The key pieces that you need right now

The key clothing pieces as updated by the top mens wholesale clothing distributors, which every man needs in their wardrobe right now are can be summarized as follows:
  • A flannel shirt because it is a flannel shirt
  • A leather jacket for it is the poster child of cool
  • A raincoat for we don't trust the weather (there might be another super hurricane on the horizon!) 
  • A chunky cardigan because it is stylish and it is warm
  • A dark pair of joggers for we never stop working out
  • A pair of jeans because no one can live without it! *duh* 
  • A pair of dark chinos for it is the balanced version of smart-casual
  • A lightweight scarf for it is autumn

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The key trends to be mindful about

So what are you to do with those pieces if you have no trend given to follow? Here is taking a look at them.
  • The vintage flannel shirt with jeans and leather jackets.
  • The chunky cardigan with dark chinos
  • The raincoat on top of everything (they are too fashionable to wait for the actual rains!) 
  • The 90s sportswear look. Use the joggers here, just if you were thinking.

The key colors to look for

Now that we are done with the trends and pieces, you need to know the colors that you should invest in. So here it goes.
  • Citrus colors those are bright but not blinding. For instance, yellow, orange and red.
  • Purple in the darker tones
  • White and more white 
  • Black and grey for they work all year
  • Green for some serious contrasting

The key materials that will serve you well

Pheww, now getting to the fabrics, these are the ones you should be looking out for. 
  • Technical fabrics for they regulate the body temperature
  • Wool.. seriously. It is cold outside! 
  • Denim because it is in and a hit with the fashion enthusiasts
So, with so much information, make sure to use them wisely. Put all these aspects together and voila, you have the trendiest, most fashionable and updated fashion guideline to get you through the autumn of 2017.

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