The 90s Nostalgia: How to Wear a Flannel Shirt This Autumn

One of the first things that strike about the 90s is the tendency to lean over the ground defying clothing piece- flannel shirt. From cowboy to lumberjacks, rockstars to almost everyone else was trying their hands on this classic piece of fashion. The grunge effect of flannel was considered to be the flag bearer of casual dressing. It is smart; it is spontaneous, requires almost no effort to dress and is comfortable. This means that they check of almost all the prerequisites that one looks for. While flannel shirts were considered masculine in nature, female enthusiasts did not want to miss out on the opportunity. They immediately picked up a flannel shirt (read in the classic red and black!) and made it work. Wholesale flannel shirts dedicated an entire category to design women's flannel shirts.

Out of hundreds of different looks that they tried, most of us are a fan of many. However, let us focus on the simple one that wooed us and impressed us.

Wholesale Flannel Shirts

The ensemble of the decade

The ensemble is pretty simple yet has a way of standing out in the crowd. With nostalgia at its best, it is the best time to revive the flannel shirt look this autumn.

The combination includes the plaid flannel shirt in red and black teamed with a nice pair of ankle length jeans (remember this one? It was one of the most common clothing items to have hit the decade). A solid white t-shirt inside will provide you options for the flannel shirt. You can either tie it around your waist or wear it like a jacket, the choice is yours, but both reflect the 90s fashion perfectly.

A pair of white trainers should be the footwear of your choice. It is comfortable and retorts with the ensemble well. For accessories, you can rely on a choker (but also it is on you!). Aviators will further sum the look perfectly, thus, complementing the nostalgic feeling faultlessly.

Thus, this autumn, let the 90s nostalgia wash you over with the flawless and effortless flannel shirt attire. Flannel shirts wholesale manufacturers have the best of the same displayed in their inventory that can be purchased by the retailers in bulk. 

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