3 Clothing Pieces That Every Man Should Buy Right Away

Oh, wait, Thanksgiving is here! For some, they love the evening with the festivities, and some are there who want to go into hibernation. No matter whichever category you fall into, wearing the right clothes can never hurt. And does it ever hurt to invest in good clothes? Don't think so! So what should you invest in? Here is a list of clothes you can indulge on.
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A cute graphic sweatshirt

Thanksgiving dinners are extravagant, to say the least. But you don't need to dress over the top to impress people in your close-knit group. Hence, a cute graphic sweatshirt is enough to get you going for a warm evening dinner. Sweatshirts are the go-to pieces for all men and there is a simple backing this widely proclaimed theory- they are comfortable as hell. So grab yourself a nice sweatshirt with a cute (or a racy slogan if you want to drop subtle hints for specific people) print and rock your rendezvous with flair. Also added advantage- a sweatshirt is loose and will never show your bulging tummy. So stuff as much turkey and pumpkin pie you want to!

A pair of slim fit chinos

The preppy wardrobe for men has been going on for years. And a pair of slim fit chinos has been the flag bearer of the category. Now assuming you would want to show off your newly acquired clothes to your friends and family (especially that nosey aunt of yours) and that you will be combining the said clothes in the list; thus, to complement your oversized sweatshirt, a pair of slim fit chinos is the right choice. Pick in a dark spectrum, preferably navy, to give it the right amount of sass. Top mens wholesale clothing suppliers have the best of the pairs displayed in their inventory for you to make a choice.
Mens Wholesale Clothing Distributors

A textured overcoat

Nothing can beat a classic overcoat and given that it will be freezing outside, you will that an overcoat. We go for the textured one for one simple reason- it is sexy. And timeless! Make sure you pick in a single breasted one to match it with the rest of your attire (unless you want to look like a misplaced hag!). An overcoat is always conventional in its approach thus will give that edge to your overall ensemble.

Just a note- For footwear, wear a nice pair of loafers. Skip on the accessories unless it is a wristwatch.

So this Thanksgiving, update your wardrobe and your personal style statement with the latest pieces available with the leading mens wholesale clothing distributors. Keep it simple but effective; charming and comfortable. For all the retailers who want to update their store collection with the latest clothes for men, register with the manufacturers online. Bulk purchase can help secure massive discounts. 

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