What are the Different Types of Organic Clothing Available in the Market

While lots of people are aware of the advantages of organic food, not everyone thinks the influence that utilizing more organic clothing could have on the ecosystem and the health of the people sporting it. There are numerous eco-friendly fabrics out there, and since clothes production like clothing manufacturers in florida is one of the biggest industries, ensuring that more clothes are fabricated in the accordance with nature-friendly practices and principles could make a massive impact on the world we live in.

Although organic clothing is not as severely regulated as organic food, some standards have to be met for a piece of clothing to earn this prominent label. For one, fabrics used in the making of organic clothing have to be of ecological origin and have to be grown without the use of various pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Also, procedures involved in the making of such clothing can't depend on chemicals, which includes the application of artificial dyes.

This means that clothes made in this style are biodegradable and that their production doesn't add to pollution.

Let's check out some of the raw materials that can be turned into organic clothing.


Hemp is one of the most generally used materials for eco-friendly clothes, due to several of its traits. Hemp clothing is very durable, provides a moderate shield from UV rays, and is pretty resistant to dirt, meaning that these clothes are easier to clean without the application of chemicals. Hemp also comes organically in various shades, including brown, grey, black and green.

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Organic cotton

Making of the cotton that we are used to seeing in clothes needs confounding quantities of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides. These chemicals can be dangerous for livestock and nature in general. Organic cotton, alternatively, is grown without the help of any chemicals, with the use of seeds that haven't been heritably altered. While this means considerably lower produce, this material is much more nature-friendly, as long as no chemicals are added at the time of the processing of the material.


Although bamboo clothes are usually labeled organic, there is a particular caveat linked with this kind of clothing. Bamboo itself can be effectively grown without the application of pesticides or fertilizers and offers for a very wholesome yield even though you don't replant it post-harvesting. Thus, when it comes to the fabric itself, it is organic.

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