A List Of Important Items For A Great Summer Road Trip

To plan the perfect road trip you need stuff more than a tank full of gas. Not just a few essential pieces of clothing but you’ll need many things that will help you survive through the fun days spent on the road in a bohemian wayfarer way. Hence to ensure that you pack right, and light read through the below given blog to find out.

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Duffel bag 

Instead of taking a backpack consider using a duffel bag because it is spacious and can be stored easily in the car trunk. Backpacks are mostly useful for those instances when you’re hiking and need all your stuff in one compartment. Chose those duffel bags that are made of waterproof material so that it doesn’t get wet or soggy.

Tank top

A loose fitting groovy tank top will act like your fashion messiah. The key to ensure that you survive the whole journey is to pack economically and take pieces that will help you to layer up in a chic way. You can consider taking a few of these tops in different colors and prints to add trendy elements to the outfit. One of the apparel manufacturers in las Vegas are producing such tank tops in interesting tribal, floral and boho prints at great prices hence browse through their collection to know more.


Travelling across an uneven terrain requires a good quality functional shoe. And sneakers are the best thing that can be utilized for that purpose. Invest in those that are made of comfortable soft material with a shock absorbing sole. Also carry a spare set of flip flops if you don’t feel like walking down with the tight sneakers and want something light and breezy.


Whether you’re behind the wheel or dozing off in the passenger seat, you’ll definitely need a pair of this to combat the harmful glares of the sun. To protect your eyes, forgo the cheap plastic ones and instead invest in a pair made of protective lens and nice shape. 

When you’re covering major ground on your road trip chances are that you will come across all times of weather. Therefore to protect yourself from sudden spells of sleet or rain always carry a good quality raincoat or a parka. 


Nothing is more necessary for a long road trip than a comfortable fluffy pillow. Keep a few small ones in the car so that you can catch a nap without fighting for who’s turn it is to use one. Another pro tip; carry few drawstring bags in which you can store the pillow so that it doesn’t gets dirty easily. 

One of the best clothing manufacturers las Vegas are manufacturing a special collection of clothes that are ideal for a nice summer road trip. Retailers can contact them and go through their catalogs to order these clothes in bulk to add to their stock.

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