Go Bold or Go Home When You Are in Vegas!

Vegas is the party animal's paradise; in fact, every man and woman dreams of spending some time in the city and just letting things go – because what happens in Vegas, should always stay in Vegas. But this gambling city, is not just about the glamor and glitz, it also demands that its visitors go bold too – and if you cannot find the courage within to do it, maybe it is best for you to postpone the Mojave trip after all.

But what does going bold really mean and what should you wear during your stay in America's playground? This blog takes a look at the kind of things you should dress in if you are in or planning to go to Vegas. Let's take a look – 

1. Glitter Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits have always been high on the style quotient, but when you are dealing with a Vegas trip, you cannot be looking at just the simple ones. You need something more and that is the main reason why you should get the glitter jumpsuit from a wholesale clothing Las Vegas retailer. The length of the lower end of the suit can be anything you are comfortable with, be it full, 3 quarters, or even shorts. Go for a halter neck fit and that will give you a style edge that many other apparels will fail to give.

Wholesale Clothing Las Vegas

The colors of the glitter jumpsuit could be anything from gold and silver, to something more subtle like copper, or brass. These metal colors really bring out the gaudy embellishments that adorn the dress and if you match it with your skin tone, it could look absolutely gorgeous. Go for color matched heels to give your legs a more elegant appeal and a shimmery makeup to match up with it. Smoky eyes will work well with this look and so will a matching metal band watch.

2. Satin Dresses

While the night look should speak volumes and shout out loud, the day look should speak in coy undertones and leave the subtlety, class, and sophistication intact. And that is exactly what nude color satin dresses do. When spending some time at your hotel's open restaurant, this look is going to make you a complete head turner and a fashion icon of sorts, if you add a nice netted head gear and corset to achieve the whole retro elite look. The make up should be simple and the metal dial leather band watches should match your corset and stilettos, to make you look like the princess you are.

The head gear is best kept black and make sure that your nails are done to perfection. Once you have hit the spot with this look, all you need to do is add a few glasses of cosmos or grey goose at the bar shade, and you are good to go. Oh, and definitely do not forget the sunglasses!

You can find the best collections of satin dresses with retailers that get their stocks from wholesale clothing distributors in Las Vegas. Now, you can try both these looks for your day and evening wear during your stay at the Sin City or you can also put in your own mind and inspire your look out of these two suggestions. Whatever be the case, when you are in the City of Lights, you either go bold, or you go home!

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