Which Underwear is Perfect for Which Clothing Piece


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Underwear is an essential clothing item. These days, most women are opting for underwear that doesn’t lead to any visible panty lines. After all, they can be a major headache when it comes to sheer or tight clothes.

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Here, you will get to know which underwear is suitable for which clothing piece, so that you don’t need to face the annoying panty lines later.

Thongs for Tight-fitted or Cropped Shorts

The smooth, sleek, and higher cut of thongs not only eliminates the problem of visible underwear lines but also makes you stress-free about your underwear being longer than your clothes. If you are someone who is totally into tight-fitted shorts or cropped shorts, then you will find the ultimate relief in thongs.


Bikini Panties for Skinny Jeans

When you wear bikini panties with skinny jeans, they allow you to stretch comfortably. As this style comes with no seams, there is no question of visible underwear lines. When you go for one made of thin cotton, it allows for more comfort and ventilation.

High-waist Boy Shorts for Bodycon Dresses

High-waist boy shorts are great for tight dresses. They will not only prevent the uneasy underwear line at the bottom but will also make your body look slimmer when you pair them with bodycon dresses. In case, the material is too sheer, wear a beige or white-colored pair underneath.


G-strings for Skin-tight Clothes

Every woman should own a few pairs of these for those dresses that fit like a second skin. G-strings are those life-saviors that cover just enough. With them, there are no horrifying underwear lines beneath skin-tight clothes.

Hipster for Everyday Wear

For everyday wear, hipster underwear is perfect. They let air circulate down there, thus lessening a build-up of bacteria and odor, and preventing infection and itchiness.

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