3 Unique Color Trends to Update the Clothes This Spring

Colors, agree or not, have a way of creating the right charm. While the right colors can be flattering, an incorrect choice can put in deep water. Spring is the season of colors, and it only makes sense that retailers and manufacturers alike experiment with hues that are ideal for the season but have been seldom used. Here is a list of three such shades which deserves all the attention required.


The bright combination of yellow and orange, marigold is an off-beat shade that fits right into the spring theme. from dresses to shirts, shorts to spring outerwear, the shade seems to have made its presence felt in the circuit as well. though there are different classifications for the hue itself, however, the raw appeal of the primary shade is what makes it look so different. A rare color to see on clothes, custom-made clothing manufacturers are really taking it a notch farther by incorporating marigold with almost all types of clothing pieces.

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So, tangerine is a citrus fruit and has the orange-ish hue which is unique and different from the original color spectrum it belongs to. Tangerine is pale in its appeal but still finds a way to stand out. The soft hue is often considered to be an integral part of the soft pastel palette. Tangerine looks best when left unaltered and in its most natural form. Palazzos, leggings, tops, and outerwear are the targeted pieces by manufacturers to showcase this stunning shade.

Chocolate brown

Resembling the color of chocolate and belonging on the darker side of the brown family, chocolate brown is a shade rarely seen on clothes. at first glance, the shade might seem a bit dull, but using the right texture can give it a striking appeal. A versatile hue, chocolate brown complements the apparels of both men and women equally, lending a charming aura to the overall appearance. Manufacturers have started incorporating this color with a wide range of clothes including shirts, tops, and outerwear. The shade looks best minus any added embellishments.

Thus, rare in the fashion circuit, adding these shades to the clothes will give a required boost to the same. Reputed wholesale custom clothing manufacturers have all provisions which allow you to customize the clothes using these palettes. Register with them today and start the personalization process.

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