Peeping into Men's Flannel Shirts Market of 2018

If you own a small clothing business, chances are you have been stocking flannel shirts in the men's department for years now and have been at the receiving end of its huge monetary rewards. But now its 2018 and things are changing. No, the craze for flannel isn't declining- it's far from that. But the consumers' demands and preference in this sub-niche is shifting. So today it is necessary for you and to add new and unique varieties in your collection; add wholesale mens designer flannel shirts.

Top stars going down

There are few varieties of wholesale mens flannel shirts that, once, ruled this niche and every man's wardrobe; but today their demand and popularity are on the decline. So if your business still heavily depends on these varieties, you need to change that quickly. Two of such varieties include-

Lightweight blue and white flannel checks: This, once, was a foremost choice of every man for a range of formal and informal events. But its popularity has been sloping down for months now; especially among the younger population.

Dark blue-yellow check flannel: There wasn't a day during winter when one wouldn't spot at least one man wearing dark blue-yellow check flannel shirts- that's how trendy this variety once was. Now many people are sighing away from this popping yellow color variation and are rooting for something light and simple.

Mens Designer Flannel Shirts


There's one variety though whose demand has been very persistent- classic red and warm black flannel shirts. It was a favorite of every men and women years back and this picture won't change even in 2018. So it is mandatory for all small clothing businesses to stock this variety in large quantity all the time.

Change in trend

Block or square patterned mens flannel shirts wholesale are becoming a thing of the past. People want new and different patterns and color combos. Single stripe- an old school pattern- is making a comeback. While there are many new and unique varieties of patterns that top manufacturers are introducing. So you must juggle with all those. Besides, these manufacturers also offer quick and easy customization option where you can come up with your own patterns and color combinations.

Half sleeve flannel shirts

Once full sleeve flannel shirts dominated the market; not today. Short sleeved shirts have grown in the popularity and are forming their own cult following in the market. This variety is simply trendy and resembles the awesomeness of polo t-shirts. Also, they are just perfect for summer.

So if your business deals in this niche, you need to add new varieties of mens designer flannel shirts to your inventory to keep up and front with the change in the global trend.

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