Looking Back at the 3 Biggest Fashion Trends that Changed 2016!

It is the end of another dramatic year. But does that mean that our wardrobe becomes completely useless? No, just kidding! The fashion industry is known for its vacillating attitude of changing trends every now and then. Just because we are hooking on to new fashion in the New Year that definitely does not mean we are forgetting the wonderful ones that embraced our lives and our wardrobes in 2016. 

2016 was all about being different. And that got reflected in the style statements carried by the enthusiasts. So recapping the biggest and the best trends that we experienced, here is list that highlights them.
Sublimation Clothing Athleisure Trend

Raging Ath-leisure

If anything became bigger than just being a trend, then it was this fitness inspired casual clothing trend that was successfully sported by everyone from supermodels to actresses, even the men. Athleisure scored high with the masses as well for its sheer ability to keep a person comfortable without compromising a bit on the fashion front. So track pants and sports bras became the "it" clothes of the year. Wearing sneakers and trainers with sexy dresses was just another way of infusing the fashion into the daily lives. Oh, it sure did bring some real change in the world of fashion!

Rough and tough Lumber sexual

Ryan Reynolds to Tom Hardy, every Hollywood hunk decided to take it a notch higher in 2016 by bringing back the rugged tartan plaid flannel back to the spotlight. The trend came to be known as lumbersexual for a simple reason. Plaid flannel is mostly worn by the outdoor dwellers that include the cowboys and lumberjacks. The style is practical to say the least. The warmth of flannel when combined with the nifty plaid, it was obviously supposed to create some boom here and bang there!
Wholesale Sublimation Clothing

Sublime sublimation

Out of all the trends that is featured on the list, the one with sublimation is the most interesting one. With wide scope to play with a variety of textures, colors and patterns, it just got popular with the millennial. From color blocking a simple t-shirt to making personalized jerseys to show support for a particular movement or person, the choices were huge to covenant with. The durability of the ink used and the smoothness with which it spreads added to its redeeming qualities. Sublimation clothing manufacturers made it easier for us to gather the best garments.Every possible clothing item has undergone the dye sublimation process and we are really thankful for that! 

So with these three trends scoring high on the fashion card, it can be anticipated that they will become bigger in 2017. Featuring wholesale sublimation clothing to active wear garments, prominent manufacturers have a vast inventory to choose from. If you are a retailer then make a bulk purchase today!

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