5 Reasons Why Wholesaling Custom Clothing is Essential for Retailers in 2019

While few years back retailers enjoyed a wide leeway in what they wholesale, that's not necessarily the case today. Bulking custom clothing is nothing short of essential in 2019. And there are plenty of (good) reasons for that.

No more are those cliché, seen that-worn that apparels any good. Keeping the customers behind the steering wheel when purchasing the wholesale clothing is important; prioritizing their specific needs, preferences and budget is the key to success for the small clothing business owners.

Custom Clothing Manufacturers

Here are 5 reasons why wholesaling custom clothing is essential for the retailers this year and the ones ahead-
  1. To build customer loyalty- Offering distinct collection builds a fanatic group of followers that eventually increase brand/store loyalty—also, often, triggering word-of-mouth marketing. And a recent study found that increasing customer retention by just 5 percent boosts profit by 25 to 95 percent. So in way, custom clothing boosts the profit of the retailers by a large margin with a very low Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).
  2. To stand out the competitors- Not a secret, today competition is high in nearly every industry, including clothing market. With hundreds of retailers joining this bandwagon every day, many are finding it difficult to cope with the market pressure and sudden shifts. Custom wholesale clothing plays a messiah here. With individual collection in their warehouse, retailers can out-stand the crowd rather easily.
  3. To be competitive in pricing- Fresh and unique collection in their warehouse gives the retailers ample of freedom to steer the pricing of this micro-niche as and how needed. And today, with so many factors coming into play in the clothing market, with the right pricing strategy clothing business owners can easily and significantly boost their sales rather quickly.
  4. To keep customers on their toes- Custom clothing lies in the dead centre of customer satisfaction strategy—offering buyers exactly what they want. It's the most straightforward (but by no means easy) way to keep the customers excited, on their toes and glued to your collection for the long run.
  5. To scale the business- With trends in the clothing industry changing every other week, sustaining the business isn't as easy as it sounds, with returns often not certain. Business owners must be forward-thinkers, aiming to scale their store to new boundaries. And while there are plentiful of factors to consider, having appealing custom wholesale clothing in their collection is one simple way to make this scaling endeavor a success.
These are 5 simple reasons why personalized custom clothing is essential for retailers in 2019 and the years ahead.

Are you a clothing business owner?

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