How Do You Choose The Ideal Towel?

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When shopping for towels, it is critical to avoid selecting a towel only based on touch. Here are some pointers for locating high-quality towels and understanding how the GSM of a towel might influence the choosing process.

Bath towels are often the most hardworking members of your hotel or family. Towels not only keep us dry and clean, but they also contribute to the aesthetic and feel of a bathroom. They may even be used to wipe off muddy floors or dry your cat after a weekly wash.

When shopping on the high street, it is crucial not to appraise a towel based on its softness in the store. To make the towels seem soft, most towel manufacturer add softeners to them. These towels, though, may become coarse and scratchy after a little washing. Check the care label to guarantee the towel is 100 percent cotton to ensure it feels comfortable and luxurious. Cotton fibers are naturally attracted to water and can store about 25 times their weight in liquid. For added comfort, 100% combed cotton means that the shorter threads have been eliminated, ensuring that the towel is sturdy and free of pilling. Most towels, though, are composed of cotton, although the look and feel of towels are heavily influenced by the type of cotton used.

Towels intended for everyday use are normally composed of regular cotton, however, Egyptian cotton towels feature far longer threads, allowing each towel to contain more moisture-absorbing loops per inch. The quantity and length of loops are other crucial considerations when selecting the proper towel. The denser the loops, the more absorbent the towel, so look for thick, densely packed loops in the thread. If you can see the towel's base, this is an indication of a low-quality towel.

The secret to a towel's lifespan is to have the hems double stitched around the towel's edges. This added reinforcement prevents fraying and extends the life of your bath towels. The easiest method to determine a towel's quality is to handle it. A high-quality towel feels considerably heavier than it seems and, as a result, is far more absorbent. The GSM scale is used to determine the weight of a towel (Grams per Square Meter). Towels with a low GSM (300-400) are light and thin, but towels with a high GSM (450-600) are thicker and heavier. A towel weighing less than 400 GSM is likely to be thin and suited for a gym bag or beach visit. If you are purchasing a hand towel or a guest towel, the GSM should be at least 400. A higher GSM of 500 will give a soft and absorbent bath towel. Generally, the greater the GSM, the better the performance of the towel.

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