Tips to Spring Clean your Underwear Drawer

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Spring is quickly approaching, and if you are like us and have been binge-watching all wintertime, you are ready to organize. One of the primary areas to deal with in your bedroom must be the underwear drawer. Whilst the idea of tidying doesn’t at all times spark joy for everybody, it can be an uplifting experience if you deal with it properly.

Take Them All Out

You hear us right, take them all out for everybody to see. It is vital to see all your underwear and examine the condition of each pair before deciding to toss or keep it. Put all your underwear on your bed and search for undies that have seen better days. How do you know it is time to dump certain pairs? We will tell you.

When to Throw

If you see considerable tears, holes, pilling, or god-forbid, stains, it is time to let go of that pair. A common problem among other companies is the wear and tear of your elastic band. If you see your underwear doesn’t have that same snap, it is a positive sign that they have reached the end of their duration. Plus, you might have those pairs you don’t like. Perhaps they don’t fit properly, they look cheap, or you made a purchase in the heat of passion from an underwear manufacturer and had felt sorry about it ever since. If you browse through your underwear drawer enough, you will see quality matters.

Arrange it by Function and Form

The majority of men have some different styles of underwear in their drawers. Whether it is briefs for the day-job and a jockstrap for the gym you need a way to keep things straight. Grab some shoe boxes you have laying around in your wardrobe and use that as a drawer divider to segregate different underwear styles. That way, you save considerable time looking for the ideal pair for your everyday activities.

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