Fall 2018 is All About Looking Amazing in the Cosy Wholesale Flannel Shirts

Ready to put on some crazy style statements? One of the most fashionable seasons of the year, fall is all about dressing up to look warm, and feel comfortable, without giving up on individual style quotients. Do you love flannels and get excited every time you think of wearing the flannel with leggings and boot combo? Then this season's fall fashion will make you super happy as flannel shirts are creating a stir these days.

The only thing to keep in mind this year is that wearing flannel shirts with a super interesting twist is important so that you don't end up looking slouchy or monotonous. The leading flannel shirts wholesale distributors make sure to reinvent the vintage shirts in new flavours for fall, and you will get to explore a lot of them at the retail stores.

Here are some fun tricks to try out while experimenting with your fall flannel look this year.

Go knotted

Nothing looks better than wearing a shirt in a knotted style and this same thing is applied to a flannel one. Your simple flannel shirt can be made appropriate for any occasion, be it a movie night or house party on weekend by tying it up in front. Roll up the sleeves and pair this with a denim pencil skirt to show off your midriff with poise.

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Girly pastels

Flannel shirts that come in pastels must be your go-to style option for the fall season. These pastel coloured subtle looking shirts are punk, feminine, or totally basic. These shirts can be worn with the ripped boyfriend denim pants, layered on the white or light colored crop tees.

Looks great with mom jeans

Do you love the idea of tucking the sloppy and baggy tops into straight-leg jeans? Instead of going for the tops, switch them with the flannel plaid shirts. The mom jeans with high-rise cuts accentuate your waist, giving a flattering silhouette, and the tucked in flannel shirt will make you look super balanced.

Dressy scenes

Do you wish to wear the plaid flannel shirt with a dress for a night around the town scene? Wearing the flannel shirt and sneakers will give the simple bodycon dress cool '90s flare. Wondering how? Simply tie around the shirt in matching color around your waist and get ready to be mesmerising for any party!

Go mini

Rock the boyfriend special oversize flannel shirt curated by one of the wholesale flannel shirts suppliers in USA, by wearing it over the crop tee and mini skirt, with thigh high boots. This laid-back addition in the form of the flannel shirt will make the outfit look sportier and gorgeous.

Wear as a dress

Want to prove how a plaid flannel shirt in an oversized silhouette can effortlessly look sexy? Simply wear it with rolled up sleeves, and undo a few buttons. The gold jewellery with this and stilettoes would be great!

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