Few Modern Workwear Rules for Men

In menswear the clothes that truly seem to endure are the ones that offer the person wearing them function. They are literally fit for the purpose. That's why most of the military oriented clothes have made their way from the trenches to the runaway and the same goes for workwear as well. Items of clothing that were originally worn by lumberjacks, carpenters, fishermen and dockhands had a special feature in their clothes, the fabric was of a functional quality. Hence these fabrics were gradually incorporated into the modern clothing, especially the formal clothing. In fact, such clothing can be found at great rates from custom clothing wholesale manufacturer.

Relax when it comes to fit

The ideal feature of workwear is that it should be relaxed in fit. Whether you're running for the bus or riding a bicycle to the office, the clothing should make you feel comfortable instead of reducing your flexibility. Robust work trousers such as carpenters' pants or raw denim jeans should be worn in a relaxed fit.

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Mix and match

Unless you're really a dockhand or a lumberjack, avoid creating the look from head to toe. Try mixing different types of looks to create a more modern and sophisticated look. For example, if you're wearing patterned trousers then go for a light solid colored shirt as it will make your silhouette look clean and polished.

Correct form of accessories

One of the best ways to create a rugged masculine look in your workwear look is to toughen up your accessories choice. You can include anything from fisherman's beanie to rough boots to your look to create a tough formal appeal during the erratic autumn months.

Wise use of colors

Generally formal wear is all about neutral colored apparel pieces but incorporating some fun elements won't hurt the dress code. You can opt for a bright indigo trouser and grey shirt to make your outfit pop from the rest. Sometimes wearing a bright colored jacket can also bring some quirkiness to your outfit.

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