3 Sexy Ways to Wear a Flannel Shirt for the Lumbersexual Trend

21st century witnessed a rise in many fashion trends, and one of the many was lumberjack trend or affectionately identified as lumbersexual by the enthusiasts. The trend basically revolved around dressing up like lumberjacks, flannel shirts being the key component of the ensemble. Other things included an unkempt beard and well-combed hair, an unlikely combination but it captured the hardworking spirit of the lumberjacks well. The trend was well-received by many fashionistas and men all around the world. Manufacturers started designing wholesale flannel shirts that would catch the charm of the trend well.

Wholesale Flannel Shirts

It will be unfair to say that the trend disappeared because, in reality, they didn't. Flannel shirts can never go out of style (and it is their timeless presence that further cements this concept). While the trend itself might have faded a bit, it is time to bring back the hype and put some more thought into it. So today here is an article that focuses on how to fulfill the lumberjack trend by wearing flannel shirts in three different ways.

  • Flannel shirts work wonders as a layered piece. Pick your solid white tee and throw over a red flannel shirt. A pair of jeans and boots will complete the rugged lumberjack appeal. For a more authentic appearance. Wear a beanie and keep that rugged looking beard intact.
Wholesale Men's Flannel Shirts
  • Another great way to pull off the lumbersexual trend is to wear suspenders along with the pants. Jeans, boots, red flannel shirt and the suspenders is a modern twist to this seemingly old trend.
  • When the temperature falls, you can throw over a quilted jacket on top to beat the cold while looking sassy. Use a flannel scarf to boost the look. Rugged jeans and boots remain constant.

So don't wait any longer! Give your flannel shirt the twist it deserves by wearing it the lumbersexual way. Wholesale men's flannel shirts manufacturers have the best flannel shirts in their inventory. Retailers can buy them in bulk by simply registering online. Special discounts are available for bulk purchase.

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