The Hottest Trends Brought in by the Men's Wholesale Underwear Suppliers This Year

Just when you thought that the lingerie trends are only for the women, lets not forget that the men too are loving the hottest underwear trends that are surfacing in global fashion scene today. If they can invest so much in the shirts, suits or the gym clothes, why not lay hands on the trendy and peppy underwear options that not only lend comfort but also offer them comfort with a tinge of confidence.

From the pool parties to the beach vacations, men must show off their macho gym ready bodies, and for these occasions the latest range of underwears are very crucial to stick to. According to a report, 75% of all men's underwear purchases were made by men in 2014. This proves how much they are ready to look dashing and sexy bare bodied or not in the newest assortment of underwears.

Wholesale Underwear Suppliers

Here are some of the best trends of underwears that the leading wholesale underwear suppliers have brought to you through the retail stores.

The geo printed options

Time to retreat from the conventional plaid or striped patterns and go for the bright and vibrant geo printed underwear options. The trend of making way for geometric prints and bold color contrasts to bring out the fun side in underwear is gaining ground. The geo prints come with sharp lines and minute mosaic details, be it with the neon motifs, the preppy flair or the dual tone shapes with contrasting borders and piping. These geo printed funky underwear options must be stuffed into your closet.

The boxer brief

According to the trends that are surfacing today in the market, the boxer briefs are the sexiest right now for the men. These have the length of traditional boxers but fits snugly like briefs, and come in different colors and designs. Sans chaffing and right in fit, the coolest would be the ones that are the show-more-skin briefs. These are versatile and work well with any trouser that you wear, from body hugging to shorts at the gym and much more.

The active underwear

The men who regularly hit the gym require the active underwear options that have infiltrated the underwear market for men. These are largely regarded as performance underwears and made of high premium synthetic fabrics. These items include odor and temperature control with fabrics such as spandex, cotton/poly blend, and cotton/spandex blend and all of them help in freedom of movement with maximum levels of comfort, moisture -wicking properties and breathability. These are fashionable in different colors and fits and these jocks are perfect for transitioning from work to the gym.

Some of the rules to wear these underwear items:
  • Always have your personal style no matter how blindly you love a particular trend.
  • Do not end up adjusting them after wearing, rather choose something that is comfortable and makes you confident.
  • For slim fitting pants, go for the lightweight and seamless underwear options crafted by reputed underwear manufacturers USA.

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