Easy Hacks to Maintain Towels Crafted by the Leading Towel Manufacturers

The ultimate indulgence in your daily bathing routine would be the soft and plush towels, be it at the washroom of your home or at the beach. The towels quickly absorb the moisture from your skin post shower session, and hence you should wash and dry them properly to ensure their hygienic condition. Taking care of the towels lead to their long lastingness and fade free finesse, without the color or quality fading away! Simple hacks and little care can help you extend their lifespan and effectiveness.

Here are some simple tips to maintain the beach and bath towels crafted by the leading towel manufacturers.

Always wash them before using for the first time

It is always recommended that you need to wash the towels before using them for the first time and for this you can wash your towels with ½ cup of white vinegar. This will help set the dyes and keep the colors more resilient.

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Use vinegar to remove the build up

To strip your towels off the chemical build up and hard water embedded in their threads, you need to wash them regularly in white vinegar that acts as the best cleaning agent. Don’t forget to make this a routine.

Baking soda to remove odors

For the gym or beach towels that get contaminated with sweat, you need to get rid of bad odor by adding a ½ cup of baking soda with your detergent in a wash cycle. The reputed wholesale bath towels suppliers also recommend this.

Always avoid the fabric softener

The fabric softeners actually damage the softness of the towels and reduce their effectiveness, causing stiffness and decrease the absorbency. 

Thus, get the bets towels crafted by the leading wholesale towels suppliers and maintain them regularly.

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