Rejoice! The Wholesale Clothing Distributors Has Brought the Newest Styles for Men

Men often sulk and complains that they do not get enough chances to look better than women, owing to the less numbers of style quotients brought in exclusively for them by the designers. But recently, the global fashion scene is changing, and men too are getting wider scopes to end up looking absolutely dapper and handsome in fresh new oodles of style statements. The constant drip of new-ins and new-outs are making them fall in pool overflowing with innumerable choices, becoming tricky to catch up on the latest collections.

The biggest trends keep spilling over each year, and similarly, this year too men are completely nailing the fresh highlights for them. The wholesale clothing design houses are sprucing up the stocks of the leading retail stores, and helping the hunky men to add spin to their closets.

Clothing Distributors

Here are some of the latest trends introduced by the men's wholesale clothing distributors.

The retro sportswear

Sportswear has been the biggest fashion risers for men today, and the designers have added a contemporary twist to them by initiating retro vibes. The wholesalers have even gone further back in time to the 1970s, and brought in that time's colors, cuts, styles and designs to fuse into today's sportswear for the men. The luxurious fabrics, dash of bright neons and vivacious hues, and two-piece tracksuits, zip-up nylon jumpers and drawstring trousers are making sartorial statements.

Go back to checks

Checks have become one of the surprising comeback trends since 2016 and the plaid shirts have moved from being subtle with minute details to bolder and flamboyant with bright colored and bigger motifs. From windowpane to tartan, everything gets a modish edge.

Add more neutrals

Going top-to-toe tonal with subtler neutral shades has been creating a stir for the fashion addict men. To induce a freshness, the designer have incorporated a more relaxed fit and use of technical fabrications and the colors have received the earthly textures and tones. Clothes in saffron yellow and spicy hues for a rich and warm look for spring and summer are making news.

Wholesale Clothing Distributors

Classic wide legged trousers to spoil you

Have you watched the classic movies and wanted to imitate the celebs by wearing the wide legged trousers? Well, they are back once again, symbolising more relaxed way of dressing. From denims to cotton trousers and wool-mix, the trousers get an effortless avatar today, lending you simple yet casually smart silhouette.

Vertical stripey fun

Vertical stripes have become the runway trend this season, and they are working for both subtle and bolder styles. From the classic crew neck tee or the blazer, something casual or formal, you can go for anything. The leading clothing suppliers USA are bringing in more vertical striped clothes for men.

Printed funky shirts 

From the poppy and graphic tees to the slogan text tees, you are supposed to wear the printed tees with a good fashion sense, and continue a smartness.

Thus, go for the newest looks brought in by the reputed clothing distributors.

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