Yoga Shorts—That You Should Stay Away from…

In this fitness frenzied world, you will find many varieties of yoga shorts online, crafted especially for the fashion forward ladies. While some are really great and worthy, others are outright awful—both in terms of quality and style. The later ones are to be avoided at all cost, however lucrative are their prices.

Satin yoga pants are a NO-NO

Satin, in general, is a great woven fabric. But they just don't make up good in the fitness clothing market. The soft and ultra-smooth might offer a chafe-free fitting that is just a delight to skin, there are few other aspects one needs to consider though. The fabric is inept in dealing with moisture efficiently. Also, its unequal ventilation can make long yoga sessions very hot and uncomfortable.

To that, satin is a delicate fabric that needs to be maintained and look after. Rough and regular wash down its longevity.

So, even if you paid high for satin-made yoga shorts, you won't get better value for your money.

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What type of Yoga Shorts should you go for?

Like mentioned, if you're out to buy yoga shorts, you will find many types and varieties. However, there are only selected ranges that are more popular than others, have better value and assure maximum performance to you.

Broadly put, you should play around with three fabric options- (i) cotton (ii) synthetics (iii) cotton-synthetic blend. Which one should you go with really depends on your particular case; like do you do yoga regularly, how much time you spend in yoga classes, how you define 'comfort' and so forth.

In any case, all the three fabric types are decent with sufficient properties to make yoga sessions fun, relaxing and comforting. They highlight active wicking and ventilation properties, they absorb moisture well, have soft feel, are resistant to piling and are prone to fading.

So, next time you're buying yoga shorts online, be very careful about the fabric material. Steer clear of the satin varieties. Know your specific needs and requirements and buy accordingly.

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