Top 5 Flannel Clothes You Must Own this Summer

Nothing beats summer better than thin cotton flannel. With temperatures worldwide soaring to break mercury scales, having these cool and skin compatible options has become an absolute necessity for men, women and children alike. As has been reported by weather departments from all around the globe, summer 2019 can be really corrosive and unforgiving. This basically makes it a must for every individual to introduce these flannel clothing options in their wardrobes without fail…

Flannel shirts – Working men and women who have to attend to their 9 to 5 work schedule even in the worst of heat should own light flannel shirts. These options are best when availed in very light pastel colors preferably off-white, cream, beige, pink, blue and sea green. Almost all flannel clothing manufacturers have come up with trendy office wear flannel shirts that are complete with crisp collars and no nonsense buttoning but with the assurance that at any time, body will not remain trapped within the clothing.

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Flannel pants – Very sadly, flannel pants are more casual in nature and thus, cannot be carried to formal / official places. However, they can make the best of casual wear options for this season, be it a lazy day home or a day out cruising with friends and family. Many innovative manufacturers have introduced designer flannel bottom wear options as well, which can actually make the worst of summers a platform to display your extended and expensive taste.

Skirts and dresses – Yes. It is predicted that flannel skirts and dresses will soar in demand even more this season considering the fact that manufacturers have improved the scope of the same beyond strictly casual. Flannel office suits are gaining more and more popularity among office going women and the latter only have a heart full of gratitude to express.

Light flannel jackets – These options are usually available in long sleeves, short sleeves and sleeveless forms for both men and women. They also happen to be the easiest way to make a dress, skirt, shorts or even long pants for that matter more interesting without compromising on comfort. Choosing options with checks can make a world of difference to your fashion quotient.

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