Pump up Your Team Spirit with Updated Cricket Clothing Apparels

What started out as a bat and ball game with 11 players on the field, has become one of the mostly played and watched games in the world, with its popularity hard to be chased by any other sports in recent times. However, this much old game, rooted in the early 16th century, has evolved a lot with time in terms of rules and the styles and colors of jerseys. They have become more and more breathable and functional, offering comfort and relaxation to the players while optimizing their levels of performance on the field. So as a team owner, you can certainly upgrade your cricket clothing stock with performance-oriented t-shirts and long pants that can also help you promote your brand name further. So here's what you must look into while purchasing these uniforms from a trustworthy wholesale manufacturer online.

Quality checking is a must

Comfort is the key to a good performance and it solely depends on the quality of the clothes. In this context the choice of fabric plays an important role. With the advancement of technology many cricket clothing manufacturers are coming up with improved synthetic fibres such as spandex, nylon and microfiber which are not only great to soak up sweat and dry off quickly but also provide amazing stretch ability and durability.
 Cricket Clothing Suppliers

Choosing white? Not anymore!

White was the most widely chosen color for these cricket jerseys till the last century, but now with the revolution of fashion and people's sense of aesthetics, some of the cricket clothing suppliers in association with several fashion designers are introducing a melange of colors and prints to their customers. For instance the ones in a striking color combination of red and yellow or black and yellow with a particular graphic, relating to the sports, can make for a perfect addition to your stock.

Feel the difference with sublimation technology

With the special dye sublimation printing services offered by these online wholesale manufacturers, you can create the most attractive and durable prints on your ordered shirts and pants. The greatest advantage of this type of printing procedures is that the image formed on the clothes come brighter and more appealing to the eyes as well as comfortable for the wearers. However, make sure that the design and image that you choose for the jerseys go well with your team spirit and state, country or any other organization that you are supporting.

Customization makes it easier

Just as with sublimation you can print your desired image with your team color, the option for customization also enables you to get custom cricket clothing items in your preferred designs like stripes in vertical or diagonal shapes on the shoulders of the tees or throughout the jerseys and colors like red, yellow, blue, green beside white. So send your details, including your logo and brand name and other requirements online and place your order in bulk.

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