Looking Beyond Red-Black Flannel Shirt- Designing Your Own Custom Variety

When it comes to mens designer flannel shirts, few can look beyond that warm red-black button down plaid. It is a pure classic. And even after years, this variety remains the foremost choice of the consumers. But this by no means means that small businesses must not experiment with their wholesale mens flannel shirts. After all, courtesy of top manufacturers, there exists just as good of the varieties in the market- if not better.

Besides, these top manufacturers also offer quick, easy and comprehensive customization options that offers small businesses ample of opportunities to make their wholesale unique and more appealing to the end consumers.

Mens Designer Flannel Shirts

Half Sleeved Shirts are Just as Chic- Many people fail to realize that flannel shirts are not solely about full sleeve shirts; half sleeved ones are just as popular and chic. In fact, this variety is more demanded during summer comparatively. So stocking their bulk is very lucrative.

There are more than the Plaid Patterns- Admittedly, plaid patterns are very (and very) popular, but there are no shortages of cool patterns. Tartan, gingham, window pane, glen plaid, Madras and tattersall are some of the highly favourite custom patterns for mens designer flannel shirts.

Women adore Flannel Shirts- For whatever reasons, many small businesses when ordering wholesale flannel shirts prioritize the preferences and needs of women less; some even overlook this consumer base. Less they know, the rate of demands from women for flannel shirts is just as equal as that of men's.

Being Careful with the Colour Combinations- Yes, flannel shirts are very much about the colour combinations. But this doesn't necessarily mean you mix any two or three colours and call it 'bold' or 'fancy'. The shades must get along with each other and work like a charm.

Keep the aforementioned pointers in your mind when placing your bulk order for flannel shirts wholesale and you will be able to stand tall among your competitors and woo each of your customers effortlessly.

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