Custom Sublimated Jacket- from Being a Winter Wear to the Fashion Wear

Not long ago, dye sublimation was introduced in the clothing industry, and nothing was ever left the same again. This new printing process today has its wide prevalence in nearly every sub-niche clothing market- even sportswear- including jackets market. Have you been so busy stocking the same sold varieties of jackets and hoodies wholesale, should you know, the demand for custom sublimated jackets is touching sky these days.

Bid Adieu to Black and White Variations

Don't Get it Wrong - black, white, grey and other standard coloured jackets still have a cult following in the global market- and a small business shouldn't ditch their wholesale by any means. But unlike the scenario was years back, today consumers are much open to colourful and fancy varieties, i.e. dye sublimated jackets. This means that jackets, once meant for winter, has become a fashion wear. This, the bulk buyers, must consider when ordering or customizing their wholesale.

Custom Sublimated Jacket

Infusion of Boldness - Bold varieties of jackets has become the new 'it' in the fashion world. Consumers are looking for multi-coloured jackets, with out-standing designs, graphics, texts and patterns on them; varieties that can get along with particular themes of formal or informal parties easily; varieties- personalized- that can stand them out from the crowd of wannabes.

Easy Ventilation, Less Thermal - Like mentioned, jackets have become less of the winter wear and more of the fashion wear. And consumers are wearing them even in spring and autumn. When customizing, other than the look, bulk buyers must also be perceptive of this factor. They must use the right fabric- something that do offers warmth, but also is soft, light in weight, offer optimum comfort and easy to breathe in.

So if you are buying the bulk of custom sublimated jackets, keep the pointers mentioned in your mind to get optimum result from your bulk.

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