Impressing the Australian Football Fans with Trendy Clothing Wholesale

United States is not famous for its tilt or rooting towards Soccer, but even then the last 'El Classico' between Barcelona and Real Madrid drew millions of viewership there alone. Meaning, when the global viewership is combined, we would get the gigantic number that should be sufficient to reflect the craze this sport have among people. No wonder even the people who don't play this sport- just strictly watch- have many Australian football shorts and jerseys in their wardrobe. 
Colorful Mania Australian Football Sleeveless Tee

Looking beyond jerseys and shorts

Australian football clothing is much more than just jerseys and shorts. If you are in small clothing business, you need to look beyond these two items to optimize your customers' satisfaction and hence your profit margin.

One item that has become very prevalent in this niche is jacket. The jackets are essential for players for practice session during winter. Plus the team staff- management- demands them all the time. Just like jackets, vests are important for summer season. In the bottoms department trousers and capris have rose to the top of the favorite list.

Also if you are buying your wholesale from any top Australian football clothing manufacturers you will also get to choose from many other accessories, which include caps, hats, bands and socks.

Not necessarily for players

The popularity and craze of Australian football has surpassed every traditional boundary; to an extent that people love to wear this sport's clothes all the time. This has brought a change in the thinking for small businesses. They now stock Australian football clothing wholesale that is not necessarily targeted to the amateur and professional players, but also to the fans.

So if you haven't already started doing this, you now need to consider the demands of non-players. Like the color of Australian football shorts they prefer, the design and imprints on their tops they love, the caps they are drolling over and more. A lot to think and consider- admittedly; but this also will give you  the opportunity to make bigger revenues. 

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