Professionals and the Rest: Their Marathon Clothing Needs and Preferences

Although originally a 26.2 miles run, today marathon are organised in many different lengths, for different purposes. From half marathon of 13.1 miles to 5K, and even 200 meters- there is just enough distances for everyone to participate in. 

Plus, with over 750 marathons scheduled to take place in United States and Canada this year alone, it is not hard to guess the number of people who will be participating in them. More than a million. These many people will obviously belong to different categories of runners and have specific needs. Keeping in mind this large mass participation, marathon clothing suppliers are offering wholesale in large variety, making sure to satisfy individual categories and runners.
Marathon Clothing Manufacturers

Various runners

Let's divide the marathon participants into two different groups, and look at their basic needs and preferences.

The serious runners- These are the people who participate in marathons to win. They have worked hard for months preparing for this big day. They are concerned about their heart beat rate, perspiration level, body temperature, and what not. The 'Professionals' would be the most apt word to describe them. 

So to satisfy such serious professionals, you, a clothing business owner, have to act like a professional yourself. You have to offer them best marathon attire made of the finest quality. Usually 100% nylon wears are the most preferred and recommended. They are very light, durable andhave better wicking properties. Also, these apparels must be made using the dri-fit technology, which helps in evaporating the generated sweat much more quickly and efficiently. 

Plus if they are running in some big and popularmarathon, they will require customization option to put their sponsors and promoters name on their top. Hence it becomes very crucial to do business with only the top marathon clothing wholesalers, who offer all these basic amenities. 

The rest- Marathons are filled with this kind of people who don't care about winning. May be they participateto show their support for any cause, or to accompany their friends, or simply just for the sake of participating. They are basically 'Why-not-so-serious?'

For such people, special thoughts should go into thestyle ofmarathon gears, and not much of the materials used in them. So you can provide them nylon blend, with different colours and tags. Offer them those chic jackets or vests, shorts and trousers, or that amazing cap- and they will love you for the rest of their lives.

So now keeping in mind this two standard categorization of your consumer base, get in touch with renowned marathon clothing suppliers and sell your customers exactly what they need.

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