Know Your Hockey Apparels and Equipments

Like any sports, wearing the right apparel and choosing the quality equipment is extremely important for hockey also. If you are planning to learn hockey or want to buy ice hockey wear and equipments for your daughter or son you must read this blog to make thorough idea about it. 

Although Hockey is not a game as tough as football, it still has some chances of injuries as the players may often face collisions. Therefore if you want to safe guard yourself against such injuries, you need to wear well-fitting apparels and safety equipment.
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Here is a description about various hockey gears:

Helmets with Face Masks

Helmets and face masks are mandatory for hockey players. It saves your head and face from sever injuries. Buy helmets in right size from authorized companies to ensure your safety. Face masks with wire cage is always the best to choose as it provide extra protection for the eyes.

Shoulder Pads and Chest Protectors

To provide safety towards your collarbone and upper arms shoulder pads and chest protectors are a must buy product. On one hand they save you from possibilities of experiencing a fracture during the game and on the other hand it offers flexibility in handling your stick while you play on the ice.

Gloves and Elbow Pads

Hockey gloves offer protection for your thumb, palm, and the cuff of the wrist. Choose gloves with maximum protection over the thumb while you buy one. But it should be soft in touch, so that it allows you to feel and grip the stick confidently. Elbow pads also need to fit well to offer you maximum protection.

Hockey Pants

Buy ice hockey shorts with built in pads. This provides better protection as they cover and protect the body parts like hips, thighs, kidneys, and tailbone. Well fit pants can only keep your pads in the proper place that can guard a strong blow. The garter belt, plays an important role in holding your pants up, so it should be checked properly before you buy the pant.

Hockey Shirts and Jerseys

Ice Hockey shirt shirts and jerseys are made of best quality material that provides you maximum comfort and flexibility. It keeps you warm and protects you from chilled weather at the same time it always has a fashionable style and look. Various types of designs are available in ice hockey shirts wholesale. There is enough scope of customization also if you order ice hockey jerseys wholesale.

Leg Guards

Choose leg guards with a knee cup pad and wrap-around padding. Also look for wide side flaps. Avoid buying bulky and the lengthy ones.

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