How is Sublimation Printing Different from Screen Printing

As a fashion enthusiast, you must keep a track of all the latest trends that being followed by the celebrities and the public in general. Of all these contemporary fashion trends, sublimation is one. A number of sublimation clothing manufacturers are taking active participation in creating the best of sublimation clothing. If you are wondering what sublimation printing really is, you should know that it is a type of technology that is used for printing clothing and other items such as ceramic, wood, clay and so on. in the age of customized products and gift items, this excellent printing technique is surely appreciated.

Sublimated Clothing Manufacturers

A relatively newer concept, sublimation printing is used for printing graphics and images on various items. In the conventional processes, the ink is usually laid on top of the surface of the item. However, when it comes to sublimation printing, the ink is actually embedded directly into the products. Sublimated clothing manufacturers fuse ink into the fabric as they are being dyed into the surface using pressure and heat. When the results of regular screen printing are compared with the ones made by sublimation printing, it was found that sublimated prints are much more durable and long lasting.

Quality is the best part of sublimation printing. You can find a number of sublimated clothing manufacturers in USA that provide high quality sublimated jackets, shirts, tees and so on. When buying these products, you will notice the difference between them and other printed items. Aside from being made of the highest quality fabric and ink, sublimated print gives off a vibrant appearance. The colors don't fade even after washing. So you can enjoy the fashionable look of the clothing item for a long time. Unlike the regular prints, in sublimated printing, the ink won't peel away or crack. So the shirt, tee or jacket will look good for as long as you wear it!

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