5 Tips for Buying Hockey Pants

Are you planning to buy a pair of brand new hockey pants? Then you must read this article which will provide you some important points which you should know before you make any purchasing decision. 

1. Fitting is the most important thing. Most pants come in the standard XS-XXL size designation, although you will have to keep in mind that each brand will fit differently. Look for the pants that snug enough around your waist which has no chance of falling down during play. In case you like a loose fit, you can use suspenders.

The length of your pants is also extremely important because it may help or hamper your movement and affect your performance. So to pick up the right kind of hockey shorts you must know that the bottom of the pant should rest somewhere between the middle and top of your kneecap provided your legs are straight. If the length is too long, your mobility will be restricted, and if it is too short, you will have gaps in your protection. 

2. As the fitting and style differ from one brand to other will it is always good to try as many on as you can to see what works for you. Snug and tight both the types are available in the market. You can choose which ever you think would be ideal for you. On the other hand European fit shorts are also popular which are moderately wide in the waist but a bit narrower in the legs, where as an American fit is wider throughout.

3. For new players it is ideal to choose something that has a decent tailbone protector. So even if you fall it will not hurt you that much. Pants with a good thigh pad also offer you a great protection. If you get bumped around or cross-checked a lot when fighting for position in front of the net, look for something with a large tailbone/lower spine protector which leaves minimal gap below your shoulder pads.
Pants with only minimal stretch fabric on the bottom can get restrictive and uncomfortable. So always try to get something with the full plus-shaped (4-way) stretch bottom. 

4. Now let us come to the interesting point of color selection. In case of hockey shorts black is the most common color; however you can also choose any other available color. Blue and red are also quite popular.

5. If you can't get anything according to your choice in the local hockey shops, you can always browse the online selection and deals on you PC, tablet or smartphone. There are many reputed online hockey equipment retailers. Check out the stock with them. Usually they offer easy and simple buying process with good return policies and a wide selection. Incase you go for online shopping before ordering your hockey pants consult the fitting charts to avoid any confusion and unnecessary trouble of returning it due to wrong sizing and fitting as well.

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